The read_cell_part class is based on list, created in order to store (possible) intermediate read_cells output in detailed format.

Note: This class is designed mainly for internal use. It is recommended to manipulate objects of this class only for cases where desired output is not coming.

Properties of read_cell_part

Objects of class read_cell_part may have following named nodes (the nodes may change based on stage):

  • file_name : file name which was given to process

  • stage : stage at which it was last processed.

  • info : a list containing further information on type and content of the file (provided the file got read)

  • is_empty : whether the file contains no 'known tabular information'

  • cell_list : list of cell_df (possibly after Value Attribute Classification done if stage is higher than make_cells)

  • cell_analysis_list : list of cell_analysis

  • final_composition : final composition (a tibble) with only main columns (or all column if compose_main_cols_only = FALSE)

  • final_composition_main : only appear if compose_main_cols_only = FALSE. This holds final composition (a tibble) with only main columns

Applicable methods on read_cell_part

  • print: Prints identifier of the class and the stage at which it is last processed.