The cell_df class is a subclass of tbl_df and data.frame, created in order to store cell level information.

Properties of cell_df

Objects of class cell_df have:

  • A class attribute of c("cell_df", "cells", "rc_df", "tbl_df", "tbl", "data.frame").

  • Two column of integer type named row and col. All entries must be positive and not NA. This represents a cell address.

  • A column of character type named data_type. Which can contain only numeric or character as entries. This represents the data type of the cell (classified to only two categories).

  • A column of character type named value. This stores value of corresponding cells.

  • Apart from these columns it can contain other columns. However, (row, col) together should identify the row of the cell_df uniquely.

Applicable methods on cell_df

  • print: Prints identifier of the class and the content of the underlying tibble.

  • summary: Calculates basic stats like number of rows and columns, number of characters and numeric fields, density etc.

  • plot: Plots (using ggplot2) the cell information as ordinary table.

  • as.matrix: This will transform the data back into tabular form and create a character matrix.

  • Similar to as.matrix this will also transform the data back into tabular form.

See also

The function validate_cells which is used to validate cell_df.

The as.matrix and method is similar to unpivotr::rectify.

Object of this class is also compatible to most of the functions from unpivotr package.